Friday, November 18, 2005

Not for the faint hearted ...

Wm H from the Amazing Facts blog has a new post today ...

I admire him for having the courage to put up a link to such a graphic web site. Before I add the same link here, I need to pass on some of the warnings Wm was careful to post:

Do not go to this site unless you're prepared to see some very disturbing videos!

Click here for the link to the page Wm provided ... and here for the link to the site's index page. You go at your own risk ...

We live in a society that is beyond self-centered. We want instant gratification, and no consequences from any of our actions. It doesn't matter that the "consequences" include another human life ... it doesn't matter that the other human life would not even be if we hadn't been gratifying ourselves to begin with ... it doesn't matter that the new, genetically complete person, will never have the chance to experience that same gratification, or for that matter, ANY gratification, ever ... none of that matters - as long as we don't have to suffer from the consequences of our own actions.

Women don't want to be relegated to being "baby incubators" ... oh my! The pathos of it all! Baby incubators! I wonder how the baby who had the misfortune to end up in the womb of such a selfish, self-gratifying woman feels? I'm sure he'd be more than happy to pull up stakes, pack up his little bags, and go elsewhere ... if he had a choice. Unfortunately, he has no more choice about where he ended up, than he has about whether his very life is going to be "inconvenient" to the person who put him there ... during an act of self-gratification.

How cheap life has become. We're "enlightened" humanists, and moral morons. We've raised two generations of children who want to save the baby seals and the rain forests, but who sacrifice their own children on the altar of their "convenience."

It's truly frightening to be growing old, and to be sick, knowing that when I'm at my most vulnerable, I'm going to be in the care of a generation of people who were willing accomplices to the murder of the most helpless and innocent of the human race: the unborn baby.


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