Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Doctors Who Pray

The theme seems to keep coming up ... and I'm never left untouched, indifferent.

Doctors who pray - before surgeries, for wisdom in dealing with their patients, for coping when they feel overwhelmed, for the moment by moment of their professional lives, of their private lives ...

What would lead a scientist to yield his head, heart, mind - spirit - and search out a place to commune, in the silence of his center, with a "Higher Being?" How is it that the experiential intellect is able to interfuse with the incorporeal spirit?

The phenomena always holds me in rapt fascination. I want to beg them to stop - tell me what it is they're experiencing, thinking ... describe what is motivating them ... I want to understand. There's a key in there, someplace ...

Somehow, even in my inability to comprehend the driving force that morphs the man of science into the man of prayer, I admit that I would far more easily place own trust in a physician who does pray, whatever my own beliefs may be. The realm of trust and faith is less frightening when the objects of your reliance are themselves humble enough to acknowledge their own trust and faith in a Power they can neither quantify nor qualify.

The The Cheerful Oncologist breaks open the The Serenity Prayer for his readers, giving us a glimpse of how he channels the "angst" he experiences when being "bombarded" by the ills of those he treats. Dr. Bob from The Doctor is In graces us with another post of amazing depth and clarity, piercingly candid, with his latest post: The Conversation.

You can pass them by if you'd like, but you would be the poorer for the omission.



Blogger duke said...

doctors who pray. i like that.

i've just finished my US medical licensing exams and waiting for residency application results. Being a foreign medical graduate, i realized what a difficult task the MLEs and applications were. And i found myself praying.

and i can say i believe it was prayers that got me through my exams. i'm still praying for the residency match tho. but somehow i know it'll come.

i guess i will always be a doctor who prays. :)

just blog hopping.

Friday, February 24, 2006 3:41:00 AM  
Blogger dragonflyfilly said...

last august, when the difinitive diagnosis of my "condition" was given to me, i broke down in my doctor's office...and when he took my hand and asked me if he could pray for me i was ASTONISHED! - however, i thought "whatever works for you...and perhaps me" so i said yes...he was so sweet...and i was touched by his ability to be so gentle and intimate - a first for me - a man of science showing himself so "emotionally naked"....what can i say...i can just sit here and nod my head as i remember this experience....

Saturday, April 15, 2006 2:36:00 PM  

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