Tuesday, December 06, 2005

New Blog Location Coming Soon ...

Last week, I picked up a nice new domain name ... and last night, I finally decided where to put it. Now, the DNS just needs to propagate across the internet, and my dear son needs to set up the SQL database for me ... (not to mention teach me how to do it for myself! ;-) ...

When all of that is done, my top entry here on Blogspot will sport a nice shiny link to my new Blog. I'm dropping the "anonymity" in the new blog, since it won't make any difference to those of you who don't know me, and those of you who do know me have figured out that I was blogging ... 0.o ... I wonder how that happened ...

I keep thinking that I really didn't need to discover blogging ... especially not now, at this very busy time of my life, because when I get "into" something, I can't do it in moderation ... but the fact is, I'm willingly addicted, and wondering where it will eventually lead -- besides eye strain and tendinitis. ;)


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