Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Poetry within Poetry

The Cheerful Oncologist has posted a bit of poetry for our pleasure, but it was his prose between the verses that rent my heart:

Finally, just as our journey reaches a pleasant equilibrium between labor and comfort, night falls in the middle of the afternoon, leaving us stranded on a distant hillside. The forest begins to envelope us as our vision dims. Perhaps we will wander on blindly until we find the bank of the river which leads us home. We must be prepared, however, to accept the coming night. With the power that comes only from within we can find the courage to rest peacefully against a fallen tree, our eyes turned upward toward the darkness as we await the first caress of snowflakes we cannot see.

Hard to read dry eyed ...



Anonymous Ingrid said...

Thanks Moof, thanks for your warm and encouraging words. You're welcomed. You know what this site was meant originally to be a window for my parents (especially my daddy) to "see" me often, coz I'm studying and working in Beijing which is three hours' flight away from my hometown. I know daddy will read not only my diary but also the comments from any goodwill ones. He has just mentioned about yours over the phone. You've got a really nice blog too, written with the heart. I'll often visit yours, thanks. One in God. And blesses.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005 8:12:00 AM  

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